Southfield Vehicle Maintenance

Over time, normal driving causes the hundreds of moving part in your vehicle to wear out. It is important to follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations for inspecting and replacing certain parts and systems. This helps ensure that your vehicle is running at its best.

Southfield Auto Maintenance

When we inspect your vehicle, we will help identify and point out to you the maintenance required for the optimal heath of your vehicle. Services, inspections and part repairs are recommended by your vehicle manufacturer at regularly scheduled intervals to keep your vehicle running as it should. Here is a list of some common maintenance repairs we offer at Eleven and Greenfield Mobil Auto Service. Your vehicle's maintenance schedule may be different and is specified by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Southfield Auto Maintenance
Service Mileage Interval Time Interval
Oil Change 3,000 3 Months
Spark Plugs

Standard - 15,000
Platinum - 60,000

Standard - Annually
Platinum - As Required
Air Filter 15,000 Annually
Fuel Filter 12,000 Annually
Ignition Wires

HEI - 45,000
Distributorless - 60,000

HEI - 3 Years
Distributorless - 4 Years
Timing Belt 60,000 As Required
Drive Belts As Required 3 Years
Transmission Fluid & Service 24,000 As Required
Tire Rotation 7,500 6 Months
Coolant 30,000 2 Years
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