Southfield Auto Repair

Eleven and Greenfield Mobil is a professional service AAA approved auto repair center in Southfield and Metro Detroit with the finest auto repair services. We're a family owned business, and we service and repair your vehicle as if our own family members were driving it home.

To become AAA Approved means that they have inspected our facility and taken hundreds of our repair orders and surveyed the customers in order to make sure we are the quality of company that they can send their members to when auto repair is needed. AAA re-inspects our facility regularly to make sure we continue to meet their strict standards.

AAA Approved Mechanic ASE Certified Technician
Brake Service Sothfield Brake Service

A braking system contains several parts, including calipers, wheel cylinders, parking brake assembly, master cylinder, power booster, brake hoses, brake drums and rotors, brake fluid, anti-lock braking system components (ABS), and wheel bearings.

If your car, SUV or truck, requires brake service, you can rely on us to perform a full inspection of the braking system and repair or replace any worn out parts. Brakes are crucial for your safety, so if you hear any noise when you apply them, or if it has been a while since your vehicle was inspected by one of our professional technicians, don't delay anymore and schedule an appointment today.

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Electrical Repair Southfield Electric Repair

Electric systems in today's vehicles are some of the most challenging to diagnose and repair. Electric wiring runs throughout the whole vehicle, providing power to different electronic modules, lights and sensors. Electric systems include starting and charging system, mirrors, lights, instrument panel, safety airbags, radio, GPS, and many more. It is important that all electric components work as required for the proper operation of your vehicle.

If your vehicle requires any electric service, don't delay anymore and schedule an appointment today. Our professional specialists will diagnose faulty electric systems, failing circuits and wiring faults.

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Steering and SuspensionSouthfield Steering and Suspension

Noise, vibration, misalignment and premature tire wear can be caused by worn steering, suspension and drive line components. If any of these conditions are present, come to us to perform a complete steering and suspension system inspection. We service and replace worn parts as necessary so that you regain steering control and safer handling. Steering and suspension systems consist of several part that we repair or replace, including: ball joints, bushings, sway bar links, center links, idler arms/pitman arms, rack and pinion units, tie rod ends/sleeves, cv joints/boots, cv axle, half shafts, shock absorbers, struts/cartridges, coil springs, universal joints, and springs.

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Engine RepairSouthfield Engine Repair

The engine, your car's constantly running powerhouse, is one of the most important systems to maintain. Proper service and maintenace of your car, SUV or truck engine increases its service life and is crucial to your safety. There are several maintenace steps required, at different intervals depending on your engine. Routine maintenance, such as replacing air filters and spark plugs help keep your engine running well. However, sometimes your engine requires repair or replacement of one of its internal parts. Whether your engine requires routine maintenance, tune-up or repair, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Heating and CoolingSouthfield Heating and Cooling

Keeping your engine cool under the hood is crucial to its proper function and performance. The engine produces a tremendous amount of heat and requires cooling via the radiator, hoses, fan, fan clutch, anti-freeze, water pump thermostat, and other sensors. These parts require routine inspection and maintenance, as well as repair and replacement depending on the vehicle type and driving conditions.

In addition to engine temperature control, the cooling system provides the necessary energy to heat the cabin. In the summer time, when cooling the cabin is required, your AC system gets to work. Schedule an appointment to inspect, maintain and repair your vehicle's heating and cooling systems today.

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